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Georgina's Art Studio, Gallery and Blog
Studio 22

I am an artist and I work with materials and drawing, I like to draw on these materials, creating form with various surfaces.  I have shown my work in various exhibitions and galleries.  I live in a small flat in London, England and spend my days working on my art and cooking incredible meals.  I enjoy coffee and reading good books.

CV - Georgina Haly

Mobile/Office/Work/Studio:  +44(0)7757548636

Email:  [email protected]






1980                Highview Primary School

1984                Belleville Primary School      

1989                Walsingham Secondary School    GCSE Mathematics                         D

                                                                                  GCSE English Language                D

                                                                                  GCSE English Literature                 C

                                                                                  GCSE Science                                D

                                                                                  GCSE Art and Design                     C

                                                                                  GCSE Textiles                                 B

                                                                                  GCSE French                                  D

                                                                                  GCSE Geography                           D

                                                                                  GCSE Office Studies                      Left course

1990               South Thames College                    GCSE Mathematics                       C

                                                                                  GCSE English Language               D

                                                                                  GCSE Economics                          Merit

                                                                                  GCSE History                                Left course

1991              Southwark College                            GCSE English Language               C

                                                                                  GCSE Photography                        C

                                                                                  GCSE Community Politics              C

                                                                                  'A' Level Art                                     D

                                                                                  'A' Level Psychology                       D

                                                                                  RSA Typing                                    Pass

                                                                                  Pitman Word Processing                Pass

1992               Sight and Sound                              YTS - Office Studies and Typing School

1994               Westminster College                       'A' Level Art                                     A

                                                                                  'A' Level Psychology                       D

1996               Chelsea School of Art                      Foundational Course in Art            Pass

2000               Kingston University                          BA (Hons) Fine Art (Sculpture) and History of Art


2008               South Thames College                     Hair Braiding                                  Pass

2009               Somerset College Online                 Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition and Health


2010               Oxford and Cherwell Valley College Online

                                                                                   Essential IT Level 2 ITQ in IT User Skills (OCF)


2012               OCS                                                     BTEC Level 2 Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events


2016                Wordpress                                          Stoicism (Philosophy)                   Pass

2017                Lambeth College                                AAT ACCESS Introductory Award in Accounting


2018                Reach4Skills Online                           NCFE Level 2 Business Administration


2018                5E                                                         Level 2 Diploma in PC Maintenance (ICT Systems Support)  




Shop'n Drive Petrol Station                                                    Feb 2016 - Present

Sales Assistant

-  Serving customers

-  Welcoming and assisting customers
-  Lone working
-  Shopkeeper
-  Cashier

Ideaspace                                                                                Jan 2018 - Present
- Artwork
- Computer work
- Events

Blogger                                                                                     May 2013 - Present
- Blogging
- On Blogger and website
- Writing about my life

The Office Group - The Shard/Liverpool Street                    Feb 2017 - Nov 2017
Artist/Painter/Creative/Co-working space/hotdesking/
Involved in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography
-  Research subjects and materials for use in my work
-  Work from my own ideas
-  Working on the computer

OCS                                                                                             May 2012 - Sept 2016
Customer Safety Steward
-  Control entry/exit and movement of people at events
-  Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems (including managing conflict)
-  Support the safety and security team
-  Deal with incidents and emergencies
-  Provide excellent customer service
-  Monitor for breaches of Ground Regulations and unacceptable behavior and
-  Provide an appropriate response, or alert a supervisor
-  Provide assistance and responses to customers inside the stadium buildings
-  Take responsibility for reporting any incidents which could affect the safety of customers at stadium
-  Provide verbal and written reports when required
-  This role involves walking, standing, bending and climbing stairs

Stock Counter
-  Identifying objects
-  Monitor processes and materials
-  Processing information
-  Accurately counting stock
-  Handling and moving stock
-  Performing general physical activities
-  Implementing and coordinating physical inventory
-  Keeping record of stock and inventory
-  Updating and using relevant knowledge
-  Communicating with Supervisors and Peers
-  Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships

Artists' Studio Company                                                      Nov 2009 - Feb 2015
-  Involved in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography
-  Working on my own ideas
-  Involved in art exhibitions

Unemployed/partner                                                              Feb 2001 - Nov 2009

Greggs Bakery                                                                       Feb 2001 - Feb 2002
Sales Assistant
-  Serving customers
-  Baking foods

Philadelphia Restaurant
Selling ice cream/waitressing                                               Aug 1998 - Feb 1999
-  Selling ice cream
-  Waitressing

Stanley Picker Gallery - Kingston University                     Sept 1997 - Feb 1999
Gallery Assistant
-  Mail shots
-  Stewarding events
-  Looking after gallery
-  Helping artists

Littlewoods                                                                              Jan 1996 - Sept 1996
Sales Assistant
-  Serving customers
-  Taking refunds
-  Working on the Customer Service Desk
-  Restocking shelves
-  Helping customers

Reed Employment Agency                                                     June 1991 - June 1992
Office Staff with Save the Children
- Opening salt packs
- Inputting data into the computer
- Taking donations

Art, Science and Philosophy

I went to the Surface Design Show in Angel London, 7th - 9th February 2017, here are some photos.  I also went on 7th February 2018.
18/6/2017 - How do you get something from nothing?
23/6/2017 - It's nice to know you come from somewhere.
1/7/2017 - Torture, brutality, starvation and killing.  Yes, me.
10/7/2017 - The British Government murdered my two children Goodness and Mercy.
10/7/2017 - I would like to have another baby but am afraid they might kill them again.
26/4/2017 - 'Ancient tree stump' spotted on Mars.
2017 - £100 billion in weapons sales in 2016.
9/5/2017 - The battle for Jerusalem has begun.  Signs of the times.
9/5/2017 - Time and space has entered heaven, a little.
12/6/2017 - 'Attention Security'  Wandsworth Town Hall Telephone, London.
15/6/2017 - This is corporate manslaughter.
June/July 2017 - 'Like banning mathematics.'  Attempts to stop text encryption.
14/7/2017 - I can't take the shouting.
14/7/2017 - I got rid of them at last.
15/3/2017 - The British Government tortured me and murdered my children.
18/7/2017 - 'Product Activation Failed.'
21/7/2017 - 'Imminent weapons test.'  London.
24/7/2017 - Only the world remains.
24/7/2017 - US:  6 airlines reduced to 4.
27/7/2017 - House in London SW4 on sale for £4,000,000.  They're not going to get their money.
31/7/2017 - Shop'n Drive in Garratt Lane, people there swore at me.
1/8/2017 - 'Democracy Dies in Darkness.'  Washington Post.
July/August - War sirens outside.  London.
July - I said 'yes'.
1/9/2017 - Britain is at war.
5/10/2017 - I love you James.
20/9/2017 - War sirens in Israel.
October 2017 - Dead Nature.
October 2017 - Machine Head.
October 2017 - Seabin.
5/11/2017 - US President is dead.
7/11/2017 - Africa set off Nuclear weapons.
11/11/2017 - Depopulation:  2 billion people gone.
4/1/2018 - This world ain't a good place when it ended.
4/1/2018 - -31 degrees centigrade in US.
4/1/2018 - The beginning of the Tribulation.
28/2/2018 - Snowmageddon.
1/3/2018 - "Red - The status warns that risk to life is likely due to extreme weather that threatens widespread damage and travel and power disruption."  Mirror
January/February 2018  - Torture stopped.
5/3/2018 - The sun's axis has moved by 6 degrees, and the earth's axis by 4 degrees.
4/3/2018 - No water in Tooting and surrounding areas.
28/3/2018 - Britain Froze.
28/3/2018 - 'You wouldn't believe the secrets I've unlocked.'
28/4/2018 - He was sent back in time to kill us all.
3/4/2018 - Most distant star found 13.5 billion light years away.  This is the edge of the universe.
3/7/2018 - Object twice size of Earth hit Uranus and caused it to tilt.
24/7/2018 - I heard trumpets.
August/September 2018 - 'I didn't get a chance.'  Woman outside Lidl in Battersea
7/11/2018 - 'That doesn't make any sense at all.'
7/11/2018 - 'Let the hacking begin.'  Facebook
26/11/2018 - 'Your future is dust'.
05/12/2018 - 'It wasn't me, I didn't do it.'
9/12/2018 - '...This is forever...'  Vicki Yohe.
2018 - The world we once knew is gone forever.

                                        I work on my tablet

Artist CV

Georgina Annabelle Haly 

Mobile/Office/Work/Studio:  +44(0)7757548636

Email:  [email protected]





Artist Summary

I like to use line in my work, and I also like to introduce materials, and like the feel of them.  I start with a drawing or photograph and develop this.  I studied a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (Sculpture) and History of Art at Kingston University, graduating in 1999.  I previously had a studio where I worked for five years.  I also work part-time.


2010     100sqft the Third Exhibition

2010     Spit ‘n’ Scrub Open Studio’s

2010     Open Studio’s

2011     100sqft Back to Square 1 – New Orleans/London

2011     Open Studio’s

2011     Tate Modern in-situ art exhibit

2012     Open Studio’s

2012     CGP London Art Exhibition

2013     CGP London Art Exhibition

2014     FX Magazine Drawing Competition

2014     Open Studio’s

2014     CGP London Art Exhibition

2015     Pop-up Show

2015     Oil & Water Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibition and Residency

2015     Wandsworth Radio Broadcast - Interview

2015     Live Art at Artworks

2015     Exhibit Here Online Gallery

2016     CGP London Art Exhibition

2017    Thoughts Become Art Berlin

2017     CGP London Art Exhibition

2018     Average Art Magazine


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Monday:  Studio

Tuesday: Studio

Miss. Georgina Haly

Hi, I'm Georgina, I'm 45 and an artist and designer, and want to have a baby.  I work part-time as a sales assistant at Shop n' Drive Petrol Station and have an office in London where I work on my artwork and my computer.  I live in London, England.  I like knowledge and the outdoors.  I'm Black British:  Caribbean, working class.

I love you all

Oil & Water Contemporary Art Gallery

340 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, London SW18 London, United Kingdom

15th May 2015 Residency 12pm - 2.30pm, Painting

Wonderful Wandsworth 2, 6th - 17th May 2015.

Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2015

5th May 2015 Wandsworth Radio Broadcast - Interview

Live video

                    The Hilton Hotel, Millbank 

Co-working space in Borough

                       Mannequin drawing 

Clapham Library

                   UCKG Church, Hammersmith   

Outside my Residency

                          My home, Clapham

My Mum

Miss. Elaine Daniels

                Southwark Park, Bermondsey
              The Bandstand, Southwark Park  

The Studio

The Studio

                                 Sea View   

                                 Fruit Bowl

Distance and Vase

                                The Studio
They put this in my head

Coffee Cup

I work here in London and people swear at me every day, I get attacked, they hurl abuse.   Below is inside.  People like swearing at each other.

                               Shop'n Drive
                               Shop'n Drive
                                Shop'n Drive

My Residency


                                Mr. Leon Reid   


CGP Exhibition, Bermondsey

                   CGP Exhibition, Bermondsey 

Oil and Water Contemporary Art Gallery

             Graph at The Office Group, Borough

They put this in my head



              Lockheed Martin

                              MI5 Millbank